hey curlies!

Romance Cox, known as “Hey Curlie” is a beauty, natural hair blogger and content creator from Cleveland, Ohio. Hey Curlie started off as a natural hair movement created in 2014 with a vision to inspire and motivate Curlies to love and embrace their natural beauty and hair texture. Romance uses her platform to provide helpful hints, encouraging words and style inspiration. One day when sharing her hair length results on social media her followers inquired what she used to grow her hair and where to purchase her growth oil. From there Heycurlie hair care was developed. Heycurlie haircare is formulated with love from high quality ingredients for the everyday Curlie on the go.

Let’s face it. Maintaining natural hair isn’t always easy. I’ve experienced the highs of the perfect twist out or rod set, but I also know the lows of hair breakage, dryness, and all-around bad hair days. Hey Curlie is a place to find hair products and healthy hair regimens that will keep you on track to reach your healthy hair goals.

Curlies, it’s time to embrace the natural beauty that’s within you. Come with me on my journey.

happy, healthy hair ☺